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Default Re: Salve!

Hey Snowdrop! Welcome to PE2K!

I'm a moderator of the Trivia/Games board, so I know we have a lot to do there! We also have the Trading Center, where you can help members complete trades and get trade points or request trades. :)

We have the battling center, where you can find casual battles or competitive battles and compete in tournaments or join clans!

Another thing we have is our PE2K Wi-Fi League, where you play with your favorite Pokemon and compete in Gyms and have fun! No one EVs trains or IV breeds there because it isn't allowed, so it's all casual and fun!

The famous URPG started here as well (which we now share with Bulbagarden and more), so that's also another fun thing to do here!

If you need any help, have any questions, or anything else, feel free to ask one of our friendly members or helpful staff and we'll help ASAP! See you around and have fun! :)
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