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Default Re: The Miasma

Trainer: Corey Ty

Currently: ???

Sarah dashes off without a word. Volcano and I couldn't catch up, so we started running on our own.

'Love and kindness...' I thought. I look over at Volcano. I smile. I stop running. Volcano looks back at me.

"Corey?! C'mon!!" He shouted. He runs back over to me and I immediately hug him. He seemed surprised, but he hugged me back. I then took off running again.

I saw some familiar faces, but none really noticed me (or if they did, they didn't want to acknowledge me for some reason). I then saw the most familiar face here.

"Saffron?!" I cried. He stopped and looked back.

"Hey little bro!" He smiled. He then frowned, for this wasn't much of an occasion to smile about. "You're here too then. No surprise." He stated.

"The Emissary (or Emissaries now) said that every trainer from Celestia would be here..." I sighed. I noticed his partner Pokemon standing behind him. Typhlosion went over to his Feraligatr.

"That means every leader from Celestia would be here then." He looked around.

I sighed. "I assume so, but with all of these people here it isn't really easy to tell."

"Well anyways. Let's get going. I still have no idea what they meant about love and kindness acts...I'm always kind to my Pokemon." He looked over at Feraligatr.

"I don't even think you ever been unkind or unloving to me..." Feraligatr began.

"Nor you to me." Typhlosion said.

"Well, I'm not sure. Someone will come up with something and then tell the rest of us." I stated. "Now we just need to catch up to the rest." I started to run. Saffron did too.

"Right." He smiled.