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so now you c▲n see us

th▲t me▲ns th▲t the time is now

we ▲re re▲dy to reve▲l the Inhibitor


A large, glowing crystal begins to erupt from the ground. Its glow is dim, however, and does not cut very far into the fog.

▲s you c▲n see its glow is very we▲k

the Inhibitor must be ch▲rged once more to begin the process of he▲ling the l▲nd
▲s we mentioned to you the Inhibitors were formed ▲nd energized by the love between tr▲iners ▲nd their pokemon
we humbly ▲sk th▲t you demonstr▲te such love so th▲t you m▲y s▲ve the future

we ▲lso ▲sk th▲t you hurry bec▲use d▲nger is on its w▲y now th▲t the Inhibitor is exposed
we will form ▲ protective b▲rrier ▲round you ▲s you work
but without your help we will f▲ll

the rest lies in your h▲nds tr▲iners