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Trainer: Neku Sakuraba
Party: Luxio
Location: ...

"...That's not important," Neku replies. "We need to get back to the present Celestia. The Emissary said something about Pokemon coming here would turn their souls shadow."

"Like Shadow Pokemon," Luxio chirps in.

"Sure, something like that." Two Poke Balls fall down. Neku picks them up, tosses them into the air, and out comes a Zigzagoon and a Joltik.

"私たちはどこにいた?" Bachuru asks.

"Arf..." Derpina whines.

"A place called The Miasma, Bachuru. I have no clue what's going on right now, with The Emissary and such."

Trainer: Neku Sakuraba
Party: Luxio, Bachuru, Derpina
Location: ...

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