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Originally Posted by Neku Sakuraba View Post

Trainer: Neku Sakuraba
Party: Luxio
Location: ...

"There you are," Neku finally says. "My name's Neku. Sakuraba Neku. Looks like you're my partner for this." He digs through his pockets. "So far, I've only found one of my teammates, Luxio. Come out!" Luxio purrs when she comes out again.

"Who's this?" She asks, identifying Zayna.

"Her name is Zayna. She is going to help us out."

I jumped as a figure suddenly materialized out of the shadows. He was a weird looking kid, with headphones on his head. But after he started speaking, my surprise was quickly replaced with suspicion.

"...Excuse me?" I raised my eyebrow. "Partners? What are you..."

I trailed off as he called out some cat Pokemon (activate instant jealousy). Amazingly enough, this cat spoke English--but what was really shocking was that the stranger said my name.
My name!

I looked at him incredulously, guards going up as alarms went off in my head. "How the heck do you know my name?" I demanded, fight or flight responses on the ready.

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