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(Affected Persons: Neku)

I felt resigned.

Whatever fears I had been fighting before were put on hold. I knew that, at worst, I had better at least try. I wasn't sure what I could do, but if these Emissary people were convinced that I could help them... Well, I wasn't one for letting folks down.

I glanced again over in the direction of the voices, hearing names and greetings. I knew I should probably walk over and see who else got dragged into this mess, but... That odd thought I had earlier was still stuck in my mind. "Find an empty space..." Huh. Well, I was a good distance away from the others. This was as good a space as any. But why did I have this prompting? What was going on?

"If someone's messing with my head," I tried to sound brave as I growled out a challenge. "Knock it off, right now."

Oh look, another question: Why did I think that someone else was to blame for my weird thoughts? Then again, stranger things seem to happen in this Pokemon Universe...