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Default Re: The Miasma

Trainer: Ilov Studdy
Currently: Entering Route 4
Currently: Am I knocked out?

Just as I am about to pick up the obsidian rock, the area suddenly grows darker and darker until there is nothing except for air around me. It seems that I can still breathe, so I must still be on Earth. But this area definitely isn't Route 4. Suddenly, a purple smoke appear out of nowhere and cover the horizon. What is this place?
"Hello? Can anyone hear me?" I shout. No one replied.
Wait. Where's Treecko?
I quickly rummage my bag to find my Pokemon.
Phew. They're all in their Pokeball, including Treecko. But his paralysis doesn't seem to recede yet.
Then, figures of people appear in my vision of sight.
"Hey! Who's there!?" I shout at the mysterious silhouettes as I approach them with caution.