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Default Re: [IA] The World Ends With You: New Game

You focus on Sexy D.

...Nothing's happening. WELL, THAT'S BECAUSE THERE AIN'T ANY CARS OR CRAP AROUND HERE, SMART ONE. YOU GON DIE! "Grrrooaahhhh...!" The bear bellows before disappearing. You got lucky this time, bub...

"Well, that's taken care of," Thunder says. /Flash effects/ HWAAA?! Sexy D is evolving! Yes, Pins EVOLVE. LIKE POKEMON. PO-KEY-MON. The flashing stops. Well, the Pin looks the same. Did it just malfunction or something? You take a closer look at it. The D has been replaced by a +!

You have obtained Sexy +!

You move on to Scramble Crossing. People are walking around, ignoring you. Everything's the same. Should you scan the area?

>A: Scan Scramble Crossing
>B: Move on to 104

9750 Yen
Pin - D + B
Pin - Ice Risers
Pin - Sexy +
Thread - Cowboy Boots (Red)
Player's Pin
Cell Phone

*Note: Ice Risers should have been Ice Blow in the past, but let's go with Ice Risers and the lady was being nice.

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