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Default Re: The Hunger Games [RP]

Caroline Hawthorne from District Four
In District Four Floor

“Y..Yeah…” Kiseki said after a few moments with a smile. A few more moments of silence passed by however before Kiseki seemed to realize that he was still on top of Caroline, the dark haired teen's blush burning with more intensity. Caroline chuckled when Kiseki stammered out an apology and quickly moved to sit on the bed beside her, bringing Caroline to retrieve her shirt and placed it back on.

"I'm sorry things... got out of hand." Caroline said with a small laugh, standing up and opening her door. She saw Stefan in the kitchen cleaning up the broken glass, bringing to her sigh as she began to make her way towards the kitchen.

"Don't come in here. You don't have any shoes on." Stefan said, seeing Caroline's bare feet.

"I'll be fine." Caroline insisted, walking into the kitchen.

"The glass blends in with the floor." Stefan warned as Caroline came closer to help Stefan, letting out a yelp of pain as she quickly sat down on the floor.

"Ow..." Caroline wined, a shard of glass piercing her skin on the bottom of her foot.

"This is why I said not to come in here." Stefan sighed, standing up and cradling Caroline in his arms.

"Should I pull it out?" Caroline asked, a few droplets of her blood falling to the floor.

"No, because more blood would just come out. I'm taking you down to the infirmary so the nurse can put that cream on which will heal the wound completely overnight." Stefan responded, looking towards an Avox girl. "Could you clean this up? I was going to but I have to go take care of Caroline." The Avox simply nodded, bringing Stefan's full attention back to Caroline.

"I can limp down there. You don't have to carry me." Caroline said, though Stefan shook his head.

"The glass might cut deeper into your foot." Stefan argued.

"You're so damn overprotective when it comes to me."

"I was your older brother's best friend so it's my job to be overprotective when it comes to you." Stefan replied, Caroline simply sighing as Stefan looked over to Kiseki. "We'll be back in a little while. Don't go into the kitchen until the glass is cleaned up." Stefan then left the room, taking Caroline down to the infirmary.

"I could had walked here myself." Caroline said after Stefan had opened the door to the infirmary and walked inside, where he placed her down on the bed.

"Stop complaining, because I'm carrying you back upstairs as well."

"You'll have to either tie me up or knock me out first." Caroline said with a smirk.

"If that's what it takes." Stefan said, though offered Caroline a playful smile as he walked away to talk with a nurse. The two walked back over to Caroline a few moments later as the nurse examined Caroline's foot, removing the shard and checking to make sure there weren't any small pieces of glass that could've embedded deep into her foot. After using a small scanner which detected no further shards in Caroline's foot the nurse cleaned it and placed the special cream on the wound, finally wrapping it back up with a clean bandage.

"There you go. Stay off your foot as much as possible tonight and don't take off the bandage until the morning. When you wake up the wound will be gone." The nurse said, bringing Caroline to nod and smile as Stefan cradled her in his arms once again.

"Thank you." Caroline said, having only been there for about ten minutes. Stefan walked back up to the District Four floor where he walked to Caroline's room, gently placing her down on the bed as she looked down at her foot with a pout.

"What?" Stefan chuckled.

"It looks stupid." Caroline responded.

"Well you'll be sleeping so you won't even notice it." Stefan said, turning and beginning to walk out of the bedroom as Caroline began to play with the bandage. "Knock it off Caroline."

"How did you even know I was playing with it?" Caroline asked as she quickly looked up to Stefan, who hadn't even turned around to catch her in the act.

"Because I know how you are. You're stubborn." Stefan responded, disappearing down to his own room. Caroline sighed and laid against the pillows, looking up at the ceiling.

Ashley Mellark from District Twelve
Front Garden

“There really isn’t another reason that I can think of.” Ichiru responded with a chuckle after a few moments, his gaze having been on the ground. “Ever since I saw you in the Reaping, I knew I couldn’t let you or any of your family get hurt.” Ashley saw something that looked to be confusion appear on Ichiru's face as he paused shortly. “It’s like the instant I saw you and your family, I had the automatic urge to protect you.” He then looked back up at Ashley. “And then I started talking to you, and it became more than that. I’m drawn to you for some reason… it’s like I’ve known you all of my life. I can’t stand the thought of anyone hurting you - any of you.”

Ashley looked back over to her daughter, who was completely distracted by the fallen rain as she extended her arm for the droplets to land on her skin. The thought of someone hurting Aria was just unbearable, and the fact that Ichiru would risk his own life to protect her... Ashley couldn't even put it to words of how that made her feel. She looked back over to Ichiru, walking towards him as she broke the distance keeping them apart and connected her lips with his.

The curly haired brunette wrapped her arms gently around Ichiru's neck and ran her fingers through his dark hair, breaking the kiss a few moments later to look at him with a smile.

"Yay!" Aria said as Ashley looked over to her daughter, who was jumping up and down while clapping, looking at Ichiru and Ashley.

"So you're happy too?" Ashley asked with a chuckle.

"Yeah. I was waiting for you two to kiss." Aria giggled as Ashley couldn't help but laugh.

Jeremy Mellark from District Twelve
Training Center

Jeremy was so focused on training that he didn't even realize Amelia was running up behind him. She startled the teen as she wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck, the shock leaving Jeremy only a moment later as he was about to flip his attacker over his shoulder.

"Surprise, Mellark." When hearing Amelia's voice Jeremy relaxed, giving out a sigh.

"I was about to flip you over." Jeremy said, the Peacekeepers beginning to rush to the scene when thinking Jeremy was being attacked. "No guys, it's fine." Jeremy reassured them as they stopped in their tracks.

"Are you sure?" One of the Peacekeepers asked.

"I'm sure." Jeremy nodded, the Peacekeepers nodding as well as they went back to stand where they were.

"You guys have exactly an hour until the Training Center is closed for the night." Jeremy nodded at the Peacekeeper, finally turning his head to look at Amelia, their lips almost touching since their faces were so close with her on his back.

"You scared the hell out of me." Jeremy laughed. "I seriously thought you were one of the other tributes who hates my family." Jeremy sighed, walking over to a soft mat a few feet away while still having Amelia on his back, though he slowly leaned forward and carefully flipped Amelia off of his back where he caught her before she hit the ground, gently placing her down on the mat and sat next to her. "So what are you doing down here alone anyways? I thought you would be hanging out with your brother or something." Jeremy said with a chuckle, offering the other tribute a smile. His muscular bare chest moved a bit quickly up and down from training, the teen catching his breath.

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