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Default The Epic Battle Game

It's a game I came up with earlier today, the rules are simple; you choose something or someone you want to see in a battle with something/someone else chosen by the previous poster, the next poster then declares the winner and chooses something/someone the winner will battle next.


poster 1: Superman v.s Goku

poster 2: thats easy, Goku is no match for Superman. Superman v.s Ash Ketchum

poster 1: Ash Ketchum wins. Ash Ketchum v.s Terminator

poster 2: hmmm, thats a thought choice, but i think Ash would manage to beat Terminator after an epic battle. Ash Ketchum v.s Alien from Aliens vs predator

poster 1: hah, Ash would get his butt kicked. Alien v.s a space spartan from halo.

Et cetera

since im the OP, il start out

Goku v.s Superman

Chuck norris
Jesus christ

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