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OK, I can justify, for the most part, Legends being unusable. Being Stolen by Rockets is one thing, they're probably illegal in leauge battles (in most cases, anyways), and it's just a waste to use them on regular trainers and wild Pokemon. I am kind of annoyed by the Red/Blue Legends, at minimum, being unusable. However, I wouldn't go over the whole quest for a transfer of one Pokemon and several opportunities to capture an Electabuzz. Really. That's honestly underwhealming, considering several Red/Blue Pokemon are also in Gold/Silver, and I could live without it either way. I'd rethink that and make a more practical reward. When I say practical, I was thinking points, and a lot of them. They're almost the only thing one needs MORE than Pokemon, and I honestly prefer getting point rewards to almost anything else, considering how you consistently find ways to starve me of Points I need to claim rewards.

Please just tell me if ALL Legends will be like that, just because I'd rather know now than be dissapointed later.

Also, is the whole 'Legends do not count for the Pokedex no matter what' thing good?

On another note, when Trading Pokemon with NPCs (Like the Weepinbel for Onix trade), do we have to spend points or no?
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