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Originally Posted by dj-tiny View Post
Trainer Tiny
Party Unknown

Tiny get's out a pokeball and launchs it into the air and Pigd come out and sperad it wings out
Spookey fly on Pigd and map out the places and find out the how much room we have
I go catch up to Zestu and Sarha and see if they need help with anything
Name: Zetsu
Currently: Walking through a Marsh.

Zetsu notices Tiny walk towards him, then waves him over.

"Oh! Didn't think anyone else would be transported here!" He shouted, stopping on a solid patch of ground, waiting for Tiny.

Tiny slowly catches up, and Zetsu starts grinning, new pokemon combinations start filling his head, inspired from the environment surrounding him...

"Man, once this "realm" returns to normal, i'm searching for a Croagunk....." He says to himself, beginning to pick up the pace once again, through the muck..
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