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Default Re: [IA] The World Ends With You: New Game

Mission One - Free the troubled minds. You have 48 hours. Fail and face erasure.

You wake up at the Shibuya Underpass...Wait, what? You were at Ramen Don's only SECONDS ago! Thunder comes to his senses. "What happened...?" He asks. Do-Do-Dodo-do! Your phone's going off. Free the troubled minds. You have 120 minutes. Fail and face erasure. -The Reapers

Delete. Delete! DELETE! It won't go. Junk mail from hell. "!" You feel a pain in your hand. A timer...? "Let me see the message," Thunder says, snatching your phone. "Alright, we have to free people from Noise troubling their minds. Should we Scan the people here first?"

>A: Scan the area
>B: Continue on

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