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Originally Posted by Metal Gear Snivy View Post

...Her name is Zayna and her starter was a Charmander, in which she battled an Electivire and got Quick Balls. She'll be good. Let's Imprint.

"Find an empty space." Was Imprinted.

While watching the others interact, I suddenly had the strange desire to move away... It was a curious feeling--almost like someone dropped a foreign thought in my mind--but before I could act on it, the... Emissary... began speaking.

They--it--whoever... talked about darkness and... the past? It all sounded so crazy! And, apparently, I was supposed to help fight it back! I... I couldn't believe it.

"You... you must have the wrong person. I c-can't..." I stuttered, taking a step backward. "I don't even know who I am!"

"Char?" Blaze called to me, looking worried. I guess he must have seen the panicked look in my face. I wanted to run. I found myself backing away from the others ever so slowly...

Could I escape? Was there anyway out of this?


What was I doing? Where was this surge of determination coming from? I'm not sure what was coming over me, but I realized that I couldn't turn my back--not now. It would be selfish of me to leave. Yet... this was all over my head. I couldn't understand what all this was about, but--

I winced as a sudden burst of pain shot through my skull. Suddenly, I was seeing--no, hearing... No--remembering...

"Aren't you afraid?" a boy with glasses asked me.

"I'm terrified," the voice... was my own. "But... that doesn't matter. I have to do this--I'm the only one that can. If I don't do something, then--"

The memory ended abruptly. I was back in the mists, breathing hard as if I had just run a mile. What just...?