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e▲ch one of you should be ▲ble to he▲r our voice
when you ▲sk things of us everyone here will receive our ▲nswer
it is our duty to ensure th▲t you will ▲ll be prep▲red for wh▲t is to come

we see th▲t m▲ny of you ▲re forming ▲ group
this ple▲ses us

we ▲re const▲ntly observing your ▲ctions
it seems you wish to explore the l▲ndsc▲pe in hopes of finding something to ▲id you
▲llow us to s▲ve you the effort

there is nothing here
not yet

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Trainer: Steak
Currently: ok then

"we are an emissary"
so ominous voice dude is an emissary. this solves everything. you feel overwhelmed, feeling as though struck by a tidal wave of knowledge. like you just walked into a combination buffet and library, where some people come to serve themselves up on a little knowledge now and then, and where others sit there and engorge everything in sight, truly an all-you-can-learn experience.

you look around and see more shadows of people wandering around. looks like some of them are gathering up. you reckon that's probably for the best, but nobody's going to get answers. discussing the problem only offers anyone guesses and theories. you figure it's best to get as much information out of this guy while you still can, mastermind of not-being-vague-at-all or not. you call out into the haze.

"okay Emissary, you said it would be a good idea to ask 'when are we?', so, like, when is this, dude?"

some of you ▲re wondering ▲bout your position in sp▲ce-time
▲s f▲r ▲s the l▲nd you tre▲d upon goes you ▲re no longer w▲lking on ▲ny iter▲tion of celesti▲.

▲s for when you ▲re right now
▲llow us to cordi▲lly welcome you to the p▲st