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"Oh, a Gallade? That's awesome! I've never seen a real one before!" Sarah blushed a little, embarrassed by how excited she sounded when they were all probably in mortal danger. "I like learning about Pokemon," she continued. "It's why I started my journey."

Their convrsation was interrupted by another voice. It was hard to see in the dark. Sarah looked at the newcomer a little suspiciously. He seemed to know a lot about this place...

"Thanks for the info," she said. "Have you spoken with The Emissary yet? I think we should get as much information as we can... I have no idea what we should ask though..." In truth she was a little scared about speaking to the invisible entity, though she guessed it was listening to all of them right now anyway...

"Any ideas? Or maybe we should split up and take a better look around?"

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