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Default Unicorn Story *WARNING* graphic and morbid

"He is blacker than the night, hooves and horn of pure ebony. He is fighting. Spearing every opponent, goring them with his long lance-like horn, his eyes flaming with the lust of blood shed. His horn dripping crimson, nostrils flared with his favorite scent.
All opponents writhing in pain. A dark crimson pool stains his dark horse-like hooves. All victims die slowly.... painfully..... till their eyes glaze never to see again. Then once all are dead he eats his fill of their carcasses. He then slips silently away, like a ghost, the only trace of his presence are bloody, trampled, and half devoured bodies. Some still gasping for air to fill the lungs that have been torn fron their bodies. At last, the last fall silent. All the while the blood thirsty beast shrieks and bellows, craving the scent of blood, the feeling of it trickling down his ebony horn, the flavor of flesh. He begin searching for ever more unfortunate victims, he finds them in a nearby village craving flesh, as a sheep walks into its deathtrap. The shriek is sharply cut off. The sheep, heavily bleeding is slowly eaten alive by the savage monster. He then moves on, muzzle stained with blood. He moves swiftly, silently. He hungers for still more flesh. The flavor of warm blood on his tongue. Watching his victims slowly bleed to death. The feeling of bones snapping and shattering beneath his ebony hooves, their shrieks of pain and fear. So be catious, for you may be his next victim, doomed to die slowly, painfully. the last thing you will see are his flaming eyes and watch as he devoures you alive."

hope you enjoyed it feel free to criticize, copliment whatever always glad to have people point things out

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