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Default Re: PE2K's Join Avenue (Wynuat Exchange) Free Wynauts to everyone!

Originally Posted by flightmassacre View Post
Wynaut sign-up? There's no reason Natu!

Can I get two please? Otherwise trade something dumb with my other game? Haha i have both B2 and W2 so want people in the Avenue more :)

PE2K User Name: flightmassacre
Name/ign: Mike
FC: 2366 3526 6056 (White 2) and 1206 7354 1581 (Black 2) :]
GMT/Time your online to trade: mostly at 21.30-23.00 GMT. Sunday probably the whole day.
Im going to give someone two wynauts to trade you. Most likely Zetsu cause he is a cool guy.

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