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Name: Zetsu
Currently: ????

Zetsu slowly opens his eyes, groggy from the impact of the explosion, to find himself in some unknown land, far away from Route 3. He slowly turned his head to the left, then to the right, in order to see where he was, exactly....

"Ugh....hurts....the hell am I?" he asked himself, slowly attempting to get to his feet.

Zetsu leaned against the tree he was up against when he arrived, using it as a brace to help him get to his feet, he slowly felt around his waist for his pokeballs, all still there..

"Phew, I've have lost it if my partners weren't with me!" he said exhaustedly, still catching his breath.

Zetsu manages to send out one of his pokemon, to help guard him while he rests himself, so that he may recover..

"Come on out, Kirlia!" He said quietly, before falling on his bottom again, awake, but still weak and vunerable from the effects of the stone..

"Kirlia, I need you to stay with me but also keep guard till i'm able to walk again.... seems I'm hurt more than I look..."
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