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hello tr▲iners.
we ▲re sorry to t▲ke you from your ▲dventure.

you ▲ll must be very confused ▲s to your situ▲tion.

▲ll will be expl▲ined in due time. wh▲t is import▲nt is th▲t the l▲nd you tre▲d upon is in gre▲t peril.

▲n ▲ncient evil looms over this re▲lm of mi▲sm▲. you m▲y be wondering wh▲t loc▲tion this is, th▲t you h▲ve been dr▲wn to. th▲t is insignific▲nt. it would be more prudent to ▲sk, "when ▲re we?"

there ▲re gre▲t powers in pl▲y, powers th▲t scheme while you ro▲m ▲nd explore celesti▲.
while you ▲re le▲rning, they ▲re pl▲nning.
while you emb▲rk on your own p▲ths of growth, they ▲re coming together to end everything.

the entire world depends on your cooper▲tion. the he▲rts ▲nd souls th▲t h▲ve found themselves on the region of celesti▲ were not pl▲ced there by ▲ccident. you ▲ll h▲ve purpose, you ▲re ▲ll deper▲tely needed.

▲s we visit with you, we ▲re holding m▲levolent spirits ▲t b▲y. the first of m▲ny ▲tt▲cks on this world's s▲nctity is soon to come, unless you spirited individu▲ls c▲n come together ▲nd ▲ct ▲s one.

ple▲se t▲ke ▲ moment's reprieve to g▲ther your thoughts, regroup with your comp▲nions, ▲nd ▲sk us ▲bout ▲nything th▲t troubles you.