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Default Re: General Chat, Help & Questions

Originally Posted by Zetsu View Post
Just giving you "Officials" a heads up.

If you're gunna go making up rules like giving happiness based evolutions items to evolve, you may want to stipulate it in the Evolution thread, so no one gets confused thinking they can level up evolve.

Not being mean or anything.
Originally Posted by The rules thread
Evolution items can be found around the map or purchased from some PokeMarts. They are used to evolve certain Pokemon. Celestia has some extra evolution items.
Compass - Evolves Pokemon that evolve by levelling up in a certain place
Ice Rock - Evolves Eevee to Glaceon
Moss Rock - Evolves Eevee to Leafeon
Soothe Bell - Evolves Pokemon that evolve with happiness
Link Cable - Evolves Pokemon that evolve by trade
D: I only added it on Nov 2nd though so if you checked before that it wouldn't have been there. If you've already evolved your Pokemon then it's fine, since it was approved. Just remember for next time! =)
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