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Originally Posted by Etymology View Post

Trainer: Eti Molo

[Pleasant | Mortull | QueenBee | Waterlog | DuctTape | BigSofty]
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Currently: Heading to Sirius City..?

I let out a deep sigh. Nothing of major importance occurred on the bridge during my entire visit. The winds were howling and the rain was making me feel worse than a Swinub over a spit-roast - in review, the journey had been awful.

"Well, there's Sirius," I mumble to Pleasant as the length of the bridge ahead began to recede. "We should probably rest up there soon. The gym battle won't be easy."

"Eti, what's that?" he asked me, floating towards a strange rock that was tumbling towards me. The sight of the dark substance was enough to make me fell unusually ill.

"Don't touch that!" I yelped. "You know better than to touch strange rocks!" I leapt for the Shuppet in an attempt to restrain him, only to fall through the body due to his ghostly characteristics. I landed onto the bridge with a crunch - my jaws began to ache in pain. I saw the rock stop by my foot.

"What in the worl-" I begin, kicking away at it with my shoe.
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Each time you kick the rock, it rolls back to your shoe. You kick harder. It comes back. What...?

Suddenly the rock begins to roll on top of your leg, up your body, and rests by your head.


Everything around the rock begins to become dark...your vision is obscured...your limbs feel become numb to the rain...zzzzz...

Eti has been knocked out! Eti cannot make another post until further notice...

Route 8 grows silent and lifeless...
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