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Default Re: Zenith Town

Trainer: Quinn
Location: Zenith Town

Quinn looks over and see the fate that has befallen Sarah. This can't be good. "Bobalina, let's ride!" He calls out, sending Bobalina.

"PYOOOO!" Bobalina coos coming out. Quinn hops on to find any other stones. The mysterious obsidian flies to Bobalina, but they dodge with masterful skill. Until...A GIANT ONE COMES GWNSKGUWJNBGI#&BVJS.

"Scizor, X-Scissor!"

"S-Sis!" Quinn cries out. This was his sister, Shiki. The one he grew up with along with Erika in Kanto.

"Miss me?" Shiki replies. She looks over. "No time for introductions. Here, take this!" Shiki tosses a light-green disc to Quinn. "It's X-Scissor! You're gonna need it! Now escape to Route 5, I'll be fine!"

"Bobalina, tut-tut!"

"Mrs. Mime, Psychic!"

Quinn attempts to escape back to Route 5.

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