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Default Re: PE2K's Join Avenue (Wynuat Exchange) Free Wynauts to everyone!

Originally Posted by flightmassacre View Post
Wynaut sign-up? There's no reason Natu!

Can I get two please? Otherwise trade something dumb with my other game? Haha i have both B2 and W2 so want people in the Avenue more :)

PE2K User Name: flightmassacre
Name/ign: Mike
FC: 2366 3526 6056 (White 2) and 1206 7354 1581 (Black 2) :]
GMT/Time your online to trade: mostly at 21.30-23.00 GMT. Sunday probably the whole day.
I'm online alot so you can trade with me as well if you like! more people in Avenue the better right?

Come into Xat or VM me :)
Only the strong, survive.....

WFL Dream Team.
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