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Nicole "Nikki" Eelayo

It was a sunny morning in Nimbasa City, Unova, as a woman with platinum, black-tipped hair calmly strolled the bustling streets - pokeball in hand as she whistled a quiet and familiar tune. She wore dashing black sunglasses as her choppy hair trickled here and there framing her light face. Mobs of people were rushing with Pokemon, posters, and picket-signs towards the infamous Nimbasa Arcade. Such fond memories for this gal' - not. Sighing and recollecting thoughts of the past she flicked her wrist and released the electric beauty that slumbered in the small sphere - her prized Jolteon, Lightning. The woman cooed, raising her shades and pushing them into her hair, lowering herself to stroke her magnificent Pokemon, "Hey there, sweetie, are you up for this?" She smiled as the Jolteon shook his fur, beaming a bright and electric smile, "Joooooolt~"

"Perfect," the woman smiled giving a sly wink to the Jolteon, "now let's get going. And remember-" she spoke, raising herself up and flipping her sunglasses back down, "you're on protecting duty." She chuckled as the Jolteon nodded, his spikes prickling up. The woman turned towards a corner in the wall nearest to her and flipped open a cellphone she plucked from her pocket. It wasn't anything special, just a standard flip-phone. She brushed through messages and pictures until she found what she needed - a picture of her invitation and where she needed to be.

Our dearest winner, Nicole Eelayo, we humbly welcome you to try out our newest breakthrough - GLADIATOR!

Nicole, or Nikki rather, glanced through the small picture once more before sighing through her teeth and pushing her cellphone back in her right pocket, "Alright, it's game-time, Lightning."

As the two strolled down the street, reaching the edge of the mob Nikki clicked her tongue and glanced at Lightning. The Jolteon purred and brushed against her stocking letting her know he was ready. Flashing a quick grin the two entered the mob. She could hear screams from fans, pestering protesters, and, of course, the neverending newscasters rambling about the controversy, excitement, etc. The noises were getting to Nikki - luckily the entrance was close-by, sadly though it was occupied by protesters. Nikki raised an eyebrow and bit her bottom lip, "Damnit - I didn't want to draw attention..." She growled, Lightning overhearing and reacting to her frustration by prickling his fur even further out. Nikki glanced and saw his agitation, "Alright boy, you know what to do. Throw out a few fireworks to clear the path then meet at the entrance, okay?" She whispered, leaning over to inform Lightning of the plan. He nodded obediently and scurried a few feet ahead inbetween a few people and began unleashing a flurry of electrical Pin Missles. Screaming and cursing could be heard and cries of "NOT AGAIN" were rushing through the crowd. Nikki took this time to push and rush pass the pedestrians giving out a giggle to the chaos, 'Did this happen before? I certainly hope no one else has a Jolteon. My Lightning is the only one for this game...' She thought hurrying to the door to only be pushed back by the guards.

"Excuse me?" Nikki piped, Lightning hurrying to her side.

"Get back, troublemaker. Our contestants don't need the likes of you to be ruining SUMMIT's groundbreaking day!" The taller guard barked, pushing her back with his baton, slowly placing a hand on a pokeball equipped on his utility belt.

Nikki gave off an obvious glare through her sunglasses, "Oh, really? Well, mister, I AM a contestant!" She roared, hearing a sudden hushing behind her as people began passing the news around. 'Snap...' She thought with a gulp feeling an intense nervous sting in her chest. It reminded her of her school-days. Quickly, Nikki pulled out the slightly bent invitation and showed the guard, "Let me in!" She snapped in a hurry, glancing back at the incoming crowd.

The guard nodded after observing the SUMMIT letters. The other two guards opened the doors as Nikki and Lightning rushed through hearing shouts and cries from behind her. She could hear the guards releasing their Pokemon to back them off as the doors barred shut. Nikki panted, her hair trickling over her sunglasses as sweat trickled down her face and onto her Jolteon just beneath her. Lightning shoot his fur from her sweat and gingerly licked her face, cooing as he nuzzed her sunglasses into her hair so he can see her eyes. He cooed, waiting for Nikki to calm down.

Nikki gulped, placed a hand on her chest and stood properly, patting her spiked friend, "I'm sorry, Lightning... I'll calm down, I promise." She whispered, flashing Lightning a grin. Lightning nodded and the two began their trek down the hall following the signs that lead them into a specific room she needed to be in, "Here goes nothing -" she muttered, opening the door to reveal a flurry of (more like a few) trainers - or, people because not all of them were trainers obviously. Nikki put on a poker face and strolled into the giant room followed by her partner, Lightning. 'This is definitely the start of a new chapter... I hope I'm ready.'

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