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Lucas Shutt
Link: Blaziken

Lucas received the waiver from the boy named Freddie and walked over to the corner, sat down, and filled it out.

Before even looking at it he glanced around to figure out what he was up against. He took mental note as he looked around. Luxray, Krookodile, Gallade... Seems like a tough crowd to beat. Lucas thought to himself I don't have a single advantage over any of these competitors... That Krookodile matches me with it's ground attribute, Gallade will give Blaziken a good fist fight hopefully, and Luxray is a tough Pokemon as it is. But what about that one girl in the corner? Not important now I guess.

He looked down at the waiver and he sighed. "Why the heck do we need to even sign this? I mean we should know the consequences of survival everyday..." Lucas said boringly. He looked through that waiver, Blah Blah Blah, he finally got to the end and signed the paper.

He stood up and stretched out his legs, then looked to Blaziken. "Alright pal! All our training has lead up to this moment. I will need every bit of strength you can give me... Even though I will be the one to battle."

He walked back over to Freddie and gave him the waiver, took a deep breath, and smiled.
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