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Originally Posted by dj-tiny View Post
Trainer: dj-tiny
nova out post
Tiny goes and checks the glowing objects
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You walk over to check out what could be glowing in the nearby foliage. As you reach around, your fingers stumble across a smooth surface. You grab down on the object and retrieve what appears to be an obsidian stone.

As you hold it up in the moonlight, you notice it starting to pulsate, like something organic. It almost feels like a heartbeat.

All of the sudden, you feel very weak. By contrast, the rock's beating grows ever more intense. You clutch your head, too dizzy to stand. As you fall to your knees, you drop the strange artifact. Everything goes black...

Tiny has been knocked out! Tiny cannot make another post until further notice...

Nova Outpost grows silent and lifeless...
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