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The city suddenly goes silent. You feel incredibly uneasy, feeling as though you will be unable to leave this city.

Something tumbles from a nearby rooftop and lands nearby. From what you can see in the moonlight, it looks like a dark rock...

Trainer: Sarah Everstone
Currently: Investigating the strange rock

Sarah left the PokeMart with a new TM. She reached into her bag and pulled out Aster's PokeBall. The little green dinosaur appeared in a flash of red.

"Hey buddy, I got you something!" Sarah smiled, holding up the TM. "This will let you learn a new move!"

"Saur!" Aster jumped excitedly.

She held out the TM. When it touched the Bulbasaur's skin, it began to glow.

"S-saur?" Aster backed up a bit, a little intimidated.

"Don't worry," Sarah reassured her Pokemon. The TM stopped glowing and she returned it to her bag. "Now, let's give it a try, shall we?! Aster, can you use Energy Ball? Just focus really hard, okay?"

Aster nodded and picked his target, a tree by the edge of town. He closed his eyes. "Buuuul!" he cried. A green ball of pulsing energy bagen to form at the tip of his bulb. "Baaaa! Sauuuur!" The Energy Ball shot into the air, it missed the tree by inches. The force of the attack as it whizzed past almost caused Sarah to lose her balance.

"Wow, that was amazing!" Sarah cried happily. "With a bit of target practice, that will be a powerful new move! Well done!" She patted the Pokemon affectionately.

As she was about to stand up, she noticed something small and shiny glinting slightly in the moonlight. It looked like some kind of dark rock.

"Saur!" Aster exclaimed happily. Before Sarah could stop him, he ran over and picked it up in his mouth. He brought it to her feet and dropped it proudly.

"Thanks, buddy," Sarah said a little unsurely. It didn't look like any of the other items she had collected on her journey. Not wanting to seem ungrateful, she bent down and picked up the rock...
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