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Originally Posted by Etymology View Post

Trainer: Eti Molo

[Pleasant | Mortull | QueenBee | Waterlog | DuctTape | BigSofty]
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"This route is so boring!" Pleasant whined, looking at how far we had left to travel.

"Stop moaning. We're almost at Sirius City," I responded to him, shoving his Poke Ball in his face.

He didn't complain for the rest of the journey.
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Suddenly, the air around you seems to grow...stale. You begin to experience a feeling of overwhelming distress and suspect that you are unable to leave this route.

As you wander through the route, you see a stone rolling across the nearby drawbridge. It continues and stops as it hits your shoe.

A mysterious, obsidian stone lies glowing by your foot. What will you do?
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