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Default Re: GLADIATOR [rp]

(OOC: If this sounds cheesey... it's because Freddie is a very cheesey character xD)

Freddie Spencer
Link: Luxray

It took all of Freddie’s self-control not to leap with joy as soon as the first contestants walked it. He kept a professional façade on even while he geeked inside, excited to finally meet the participants. As they came in, the intern wracked his memory in an effort to match the names with the faces he had seen in the SUMMIT profiles.

The first person to enter was a brown-haired boy wearing a bandana—Lucas, he guessed, who went under the pseudo-name Blaze on the GLADIATOR forum. He was accompanied by—gosh oh gosh—a Blaziken! Freddie could already imagine the power-ups the boy would get from that Pokémon.

The second winner soon made his entry; a red-headed seventeen-year-old entered the room, glanced about, and noticed Freddie immediately. The intern smiled as the contestant approached.

“Greetings!” Freddie grinned from ear to ear. “And congratulations, winners! You two must be Lucas and Jacob, am I correct? I’ll be your game guide for this show—name’s Frederick Spencer, but please, call me Freddie.”

Checking their names off his list, the intern continued, “The game’s just about ready; they just need to fine-tune a few things. In the mean time, I must ask you to sign these papers.”

Passing the two the release forms, Freddie glanced between Lucas’ Blaziken and Jacob’s Gallade. “Are these the Pokémon you plan to use, then?”

Leo the Luxray chuffed softly in an attempt to catch Freddie’s attention. Turning his attention from the first two winners, he saw another contestant enter in—one who looked like Freddie’s own age.

“Oh, welcome!” he called to the young man. “You must be… Joseph, right?”

Leo chuffed again, looking pointedly at the corner. Freddie followed his gaze in confusion, until he saw a girl hiding there.

“Hey,” he called to her. “Come on in! Are you Kylie, by chance?”

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