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Default Re: Gym Leader Applications

Gym applying for:Sosltice city
Pokemon using (max 8):Metagross,Bronzong,Golem,Aggron,Steelix,Probopa ss,Tyranitar,kling Klang
Custom gym rules:One water type and one electric type only. 3v3 battles sleep clause ohko clause and species clause are adhered to. All participating pokemon must be level 50
Gym backstory:The gym was set up early in the booming of solstice city,as a place for miners to let off some steam.The original leader Barrow passed the gym down to through his lineage and now his great grandson Xavier runs the gym,as Xavier runs the gym he is also the head miner so the location of the gym is in the hub of the mines.

Solstice City Gym

Leader: OPEN
Battle Level: 50
Type: Rock/Steel
Badge: Terrene Badge
TM Awarded: TM80 Rock Slide



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