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Default Re: Route 5

Trainer: Corey Ty

Currently: Evolution!

"Tsuni, I want to as-"

"You wanna talk about me evolving, right?"

"Well, yeah..."

"I'm all for it." She smiled.

"Alright, well, I don't want to make you do thi-"

"Let's do it!" She rummaged through my bag and pulled out the Water Stone.

"Well, I guess that was useless..."


"You evolved eh?"

"It feels awesome! :D" She smiled.

"Now Quilava..."

"Yes." He smiled.



Quilava began to glow...he was evolving too!


"Ba...KAH!" The newly evolved Typhlosion shouted.

"Quilava! Or, Typhlosion I mean! You're taller than me now!!" I hugged him tight.

He hugged me back. "Ha ha, this feels great! I feel more powerful, more mature." He smiled.


Trainer: Corey Ty

Currently: Evolution!
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