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Default Re: Wi-Fi League Registrations! Sign up here!

Originally Posted by flightmassacre View Post
Ah, how I must think back of the days when I met a great poke in Red Version: Magnemite!

Name: Mike
Starter: Magnemite


Professor Cedar

Professor Cedar takes your registration form and looks it over. "Everything seems to be in order!" she says, and places the form into a slot beside a large monitor. "A Magnemite, huh? I'm glad this little guy is getting some love!" She picks up the Pokeball that dropped from the slot.

"Take good care of this one! And here are some items to help you on your journey!" She hands you some Pokeballs and a Pokegear as well.

Mike received Magnemite, 5 Pokeballs, and a Pokegear 3.0! Go ahead and make your trainer record in here. You may then start your journey from Andromeda Town.
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