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Default Re: [IA] The World Ends With You: New Game

AYYYYYYYY! SEXY LADY! This time, while Ice Risers is on recharge, you decide to use Sexy D. Why, you may ask? Well, you do. When you focus on the wolf, it stops moving. Wat. It just stopped moving completely. To make sure, you walk up to it, and SLAP the porr thing! Nope! No no! Nope! ...Yes. The Noise de-materializes as you walk away. Maybe it was your SHEER epicness. Or maybe, Sexy D does more? Nope, that's not it. You reappear in front of the 104 Building with your partner.

"What...just happened?" He asked.

>A: Tell him that you fought Noise
>B: Lie and say you don't know what happened.

"Oh," he replies. "I see. I realized I never introduced myself! I'm Thunder! Ironically, my favorite is Dialga." Thunder points to his Dialga toy. It's about 3'. All of a sudden, it moves a step forward. YOU FREAK OUT! TJGONGLBKIEKNGJNSNHGYBGNJK MXNHBVJSKLGJ SN *Spasm* So, what do you do?

>A: Calm down and continue to Dogenzka
>B: Kick the toy all the way to Scramble Crossing

9750 Yen
Pin - D + B
Pin - Ice Risers
Pin - Sexy D
Thread - Cowboy Boots (Red)
Player's Pin
Cell Phone

*For this one, you choose two options. One for talking to Thunder, one for the toy event*

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