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Default Re: [Crossover] Interlinked [FF/PKMN] (RP)

Name: Akari Blackscale
Location: A forest somewhere, heading out
Link: N/A
Affected Arpers: Perhaps CM and Eternal Moonlight

Akari continued following the river. She realized she wasn't as battered as she initially thought. There were some bruises, but she had not damaged any bones. She had hit her head pretty hard, but that was fine as well. She walked on using minimal support from her spear.

Her friends followed her. They were talking about random things to pass the time. Akari looked back on them wishing she could even remotely understand their speech. She knelt for a moment by the river and took a quick drink. She noticed that there were fish swimming through it. She took her spear and thrust it through one she recognized as food. She decided not to take time to gut it or cook it. She ate it with the scales. It felt unpleasant in her jaws and as it slid down her throat. She regretted not gutting it almost as much as she regretted the scales.

The Pokemon were slightly sickened by this, but they did find it almost funny when her regret was obvious. They noticed the nearby bushes were covered in berries. They began eating at it as Akari washed her mouth out. Akari decided to walk over and try these berries. She consumed a Pecha berry and enjoyed its sweetness. She plucked an Aspear berry. The sour berry was not as pleasing, but it was not unpleasant either. She pulled an Oran, and its vast and balanced flavors surprised her. She decided she had enough and called her friends, so that they may continue.

Akari and her friends continued on. The river seemed like it was beginning to turn. Akari noticed the trees thinning out here. Akari looked onward, and it appeared like there could be mountains beyond what may have been plains. She decided to forsake the river, for the path ahead towards the plains.

She approached the area where the forest began shifting to plains. She looked and saw what appeared to be a city on something of a mountain. This reminded her of her home, but she could see it was not built in the same fashion her people used.

She looked around on her approach to the plains. There appeared to be a few humans on the plain not to far off. She said to herself,"Welll, betterr a Hume than a monsster." She noticed her friends were a little nervous about leaving the forest they called home behind. She tried to console them,"It willl be allright my friendsss." They didn't look terribly convinced, but they continued to follow her anyways.

She began to walk toward the humans, and she thought she noticed a glimpse of something red. As she grew closer she began to notice their strange attire. She began to question if she was even in Ivalice anymore.
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