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Default Re: The Hunger Games [RP]

Kiseki Kagami from District Four
District Four bedroom

Kiseki heard Caroline close the door that had been behind him, not even realizing that they had moved until the blonde laid down on the soft red blanket of the bed and gently pulled him on top of her. Something made Kiseki hesitate, and a deep blush colored his pale skin as Caroline took off her pajama shirt to reveal a black and blue bra, although when she gave him a smile and connected her lips with his again, he couldn’t resist it. Instead, he allowed himself to melt back into it, faintly feeling her beginning to slip off his own shirt until a loud crash from the kitchen brought both of them to pull away and look at the door.

"Stefan? Are you okay?" Caroline called out.

"Yeah. I dropped some plates." Stefan responded from behind the closed door.

"Do you need any help?" Caroline asked.

"Nah, I got it."

Kiseki looked back to meet Caroline’s gaze, and now that his senses had returned, it finally dawned on him what they had almost done. His face lit up in another blush almost simultaneously with Caroline’s, although he couldn’t seem to bring himself to say anything or even move.

"Umm... maybe we should put this on pause right now..." Caroline said, with a sweet smile. It took a few moments for Kiseki to be able to process or respond, but when what she said finally registered over his flustered shock, he managed to return the smile and give a nod.

“Y..Yeah…” A few moments of silence passed before he realized that he was still on top of the blonde, the realization bringing the blush back to his face with more intensity. He stammered out an apology and quickly moved to sit on the soft, red blanket beside her.

Ichiru Kagami from District Three
Front Garden

"Good luck with that." Ashley teased, the laugh that followed afterward shifting Ichiru’s smirk into a smile. He looked back up at the sky briefly, although when Ashley’s laughter died away a few moments later, he turned his head to look back at her, and his eyes locked with hers. It took him a few moments to realized that Ashley had begun to lean forward, but when he did, he responded by leaning toward her as well while still aware of not moving too much since Aria was still on his ribs.

Their lips had only beushed against the others’ lightly when Ashley stopped and moved away, bringing Ichiru to look at her in question. He saw her touch her face with her fingertips, the confusion in his eyes only worsening until he felt a raindrop on his own cheek.

"Is it raining?" Aria asked the question on the tip of the dark haired teen’s tongue.

"I think it is." Ashley nodded as she looked over to her daughter, who sat up from Ichiru's ribs to look at the two. Ichiru sat up as well, feeling another drop hit his arm as he did so.

"If there's a force-field surrounding this whole building though then how is rain able to come through?" Aria questioned.

"I'm not sure actually." Ashley looked up at the sky in confusion. "Maybe people and other things are able to enter the force-field, but aren't able to come back out unless having the proper authority."

"That makes sense." The rain began to come down a little harder as Aria responded to her mother. Ashley quickly stood up then, the toddler doing the same before attempting to pull Ichiru up as well by his hand. He chuckled softly at her, rising from the ground as she questioned her mother again. "Do we have to go inside?"

"We can go over there." After a few moments of scanning the garden in silence, Ashley responded and pointed out a white gazebo with golden lights wrapping around it like vines. The brunette then grabbed Aria‘s hand and led the toddler into the gazebo, and Ichiru followed closely behind with his hand still in Aria’s.

"This is pretty." Aria laughed with excitement and released Ichiru’s hand. The dark haired teen couldn’t help but agree. This also seemed to be the most well lit place in the garden, compared to the dim lights throughout the rest of it.

"It is." Ashley agreed with a smile, then looking back over to Ichiru as the sound of falling rain overtook the garden. "Ichiru... thank you. Thank you for wanting to help me through the Games and for my family. It's like I said before, I honestly don't know how to repay you..." She paused for a few moments and looked down at the white wood beneath her feet. "Why are you truly doing it though?" She looked back up to Ichiru. "You said that you care about me, but I don't want you getting hurt from worrying and focusing on me when you should be worrying about yourself..."

Now it was Ichiru’s turn to look down at the wood beneath their feet as he thought about her question. What was the real reason he wanted to help them? He couldn’t think of any besides the fact that he couldn’t stand to see any of them hurt. However, the kiss he and Ashley had almost shared a few moments before had shown him that his feelings went a lot deeper than that.

“There really isn’t another reason that I can think of.” He finally responded with a chuckle. “Ever since I saw you in the Reaping, I knew I couldn’t let you or any of your family get hurt.” Something akin to confusion appeared on his face as he paused for only a second or two before continuing. “It’s like the instant I saw you and your family, I had the automatic urge to protect you.” He looked back up at Ashley. “And then I started talking to you, and it became more than that. I’m drawn to you for some reason… it’s like I’ve known you all of my life. I can’t stand the thought of anyone hurting you - any of you.”

OOC: Sorry about Ichiru's part... I couldn't think of much for him to say ><
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