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Default Re: Route 3

Trainer: JC
Currently: Floating out of Navi Town
In party:


JC walks with Chimchar and PJ. He stops spotting the wild pokemon.
"Ill go after Nincada ! "

JC bends down letting Chimchar jump on his sholder.
"You ready Ashley"

Chimchar jumped around.
"Char!! Char!!"

As she approached the Nincada carefully. The little bug seemed to ignore her at first. As she got closer the Nincada stomped its feet kicked dust up. Ashley turned back curiously looking at JC.
JC laughed.
"What are you waiting for ??"

She wiped her face off and chased after the Nincada. Chimchar caught up to the bug who quickly started to dig underground. Chimchar begin to dig but quickly found its self in a whole. She stood still for a second confused. The Nincada from out of almost no where sprung out of the dirt knocking Chimchar out of the hole. Chimchar stood up scratching its head
"Char ?"

Chimchar turned around noticing the bug was gone. Before she could react the bug popped out of the ground again knocking Chimchar back down. JC looked on a little concerned.
"Mud I might you save Ashely out."

The Wooper shook its head in the ball as JC called it out.
"Mud, lets help out Ashely."

Wooper hoped over to Ashely. The little monkey growled at Wooper who quickly backed up. Chimchar went back to the field. This time taking a moment to feel out the ground. When Nincada came up through the dirt this time. She grabbed it out of the air and slammed it out the ground. Nincada scratchs at her backing her off trying to make its way to the hole. Chimchar rushed sending out an Ember down the hole. It seemed for a moment that Nincada had gotten away but that changed when water started filling the hole. Soon the Nincada would be shot out of the hole into the air, Ashley jumped over to where it landed sending out a ember.. Chimchar turned to see Wooper sanding at the other end using water gun.
Chimchar nodded
JC took out a his Level Ball and tossed it over.

Dragonair: 33054
Dragonite: 33129
Level100: 33264

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