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Originally Posted by Steak View Post

Trainer: Steak
Currently: P H̴͟ ͠A͝ ̀҉̡N̴ ͏̧̛P ͝҉Y ͡Q̶ ̢U̸ ̢̛͘E̴ ͜S҉ ̨̛͢T̷



your shades go from NIGHT MODE to HAYWIRE, obscuring your vision with F͡U͜R͟IOUS ҉STATIC̨

you grab your belongings and dash out of the cave as fast as your legs will take you, holding out your B̸O͠ARD̀ to shield you from anything you might run into.

as you gain distance the STAT͢I҉C̸ slowly begins to dissipate, with a crackle every now and then.

you crouch behind a tree and send out Brobat, allowing him to perch himself on your shoulder ready to defend against whatever͏ing͜ was, if,
gods forbid, it is still following you.
Official's Post:

a! th?? st~ti3 begin5 t0 fade your sense of sight returns much more clearly - a thick forest surrounds you. You've no idea what chased you or its motive, but one thing is for sure - you need to get away as quick as possible, lest your fate be similar to that of 'the merp'.

The sound of rain splashes against the thick branches of the trees - they provided a some sort of shelter to you and your Pokemon. Suddenly you felt a lot safer, as if the odd looking thing had disappeared for the night. You feel your hero senses tingling - you wanted answers, now.

Where would you get them?

>Explore the woods
>Rummage the odd looking truck over yonder
>Go to the lake
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