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Default Re: General Pokemon Black and White 2 Discussion

Originally Posted by Starbom View Post
Im having troubles with Curtis....
Serebii says on call #50 you'll see him in work clothes, then he switches off his screen, and on call 51 you can meet to trade him at ferris wheel.

I called him at route 9, seen his work clothes, went to Nimbassa got call 51, he didnt mention the ferris wheel. I went there and he wasnt there. I mustve called him 10 times atleast and he's still not here... Does the 50 calls have to be without turning off your game? All in one day? Or is my game just glitchy? :s

Edit: Uhhh never mind... I randomly phoned him again and he was like "meet me at Nimbassa!" only thing that sucked is I didnt have anything in my party to trade for his mankey..
If you want a mankey and provided you have wifi, you can get one our the global trade dream world! I forget what location but they are common starting off :] If not you can trade me a dud pokemon and I will trade you mine :]
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