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Default Re: Gym Leader Applications

Gym Applying for: Solstice City Gym

Pokemon Lineup:
-Magneton (Steel/Electric)
-Steelix (Steel/Rock)
-Metang (Steel/Psychic)
-Aggron (Rock/Steel)
-Bisharp (Dark/Steel)
-Kabutops (Rock/Water)
-Tyrannitar (Rock/Dark)
-Cradily (Rock/Grass)

Gym Rules
-No Hacks/Legit Hacks/AR pokemon.
-No OHKO moves. (Fissure, Horn Drill, Sheer Cold)
-1 Super Effective Pokemon in your team max. (i.e: 1 Fighting and 1 Fire)
-Single Flat (Lv.50) battles
-5v5 ( or less, depending on the party size of the trainer.)
-No Legendaries
-Weekend Double or Rotation Battles! (random picking.)
-Celestian Standard rules apply.


Every trainer knows who Hikers are. They are big, burly men who enjoy hiking through mountains and caves, and always carry Rock/Fighting Steel types with them, but then there are men like Theo.

Every hiker worth his weight in salt knows of Theo, a trainer a cut above the rest, who seemingly lives in a cavern somewhere in the Sinnoh region. Theo first came into contact with Rock/Steel type pokemon, when he was just a child. He was being harrassed by the other kids for always 'looking dirty'.

You see, Theo liked digging, from the time he picked up his first spade, till even now, he has always liked digging, finding fossils, or just making himself a temporary home, while he traverses different regions.

Theo, being emotional fragile as a child, ran away after being harrassed, and found himself in an odd cave outside of Veilstone City, little did he realize, it was a tunnel created by a Steelix, who was the 'black sheep' of it's kind. Seeing the child cry, the Steelix felt Theo's pain and thus, quickly shared a bond with him, often playing with Theo whenever he visited.

Years passed by, their bond grew stronger and when the time came, to begin his own journey, Steelix and Theo came to a decision, which was to travel together, to see eachother's backs through thick and thin, to stick by one another always, they were inseperable.

As they travelled through the various regions, Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Unova: many unique pokemon had befriended Theo along the way, all forming a solid relationship between one another.

When the Hiker's league first came into practice, Everyone laughed at Theo's build. everyone was 'Burly' and 'hearty' but Theo was nothing like them. He looked fit and toned, but also looked alittle thin, as well but this didn't stop Theo in his quest, He challenged everyone in the League and took them all down with ease, this was how he became respected among his fellow peers.

He is 23 now, and news travels fast. After hearing of Gym Openings within the region of Celestia, Theo confided with his pokemon, all of which were excited to explore this new region with him, and thus beginning his journey into this mysterious land, where the strength of the trainers are unknown to him...

Theo's first stop, was Solstice City, which was considered as a 'Hiker's Paradise', for being nestled up high in the mountains, A mining City where many have even claimed to find fossils. Theo took one look at this City, and felt is was destiny that he came to this City, the smell of granite, soil and steel filling the air....

The Gym:

The Gym is essentially, a mountain. The entrance is located at the base of a mountain along the eastern side of Solstice City, with tunnels reaching around to an isolated enclosure behind lake Sunset, in the Sundown Ranges. The tunnels are straightforward, but along the way you will find Hiker enthusiasts and karate Fighters raring to battle and training themselves on the wild pokemon found within.

The tunnels are re-inforced, much like Clays Gym in Unova, but at the same time, keeping the authenticity of a mining shaft. trainers must treck through these tunnels by foot, as there are no elevators, purely for training purposes.
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