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Default Curator Test

This is the Curator Test. Anyone who wishes to become a Curator of the Art section must complete this test.
Art knowledge should be your own. Knowledge of the art section can be found in the information threads in this subforum, "How to Make Pokeart" and "Curators and Curator Information"
For the visual section, we expect you to evaluate the pieces of art provided. A sample of a reasonable evaluation can be found in the Curators and Curator Information thread. You should also accompany the evaluation with a scoring, and a final verdict.
When it is complete, submit it to Monbrey, FrozenChaos, Alaskapigeon or EmBreon. Your suitability will be assessed and we will let you know what our decision is.

Art Knowledge:

List the primary colours.
List the secondary colours.
List the Elements of Art.
What are things you should look for when critiquing artwork?

Art Section Knowledge:

What is the minimum score needed to capture one of the Starter Pokemon trios?
Name 4 kinds of art that can be submitted.
Why should pieces of art like sprites and banners be scored lower than something drawn or painted?
What is the one thing that should be included with ALL pieces of art submitted?
What special requirement is there for abstract art, and why is this in place? Why is abstract art graded more harshly than other styles?

Visual Section:

Deathkarp by Monbrey

Lugia by Embreon

Night of the Dragon by FrozenChaos

Frog Monster on Grass by AlaskaPigeon

Untitled by FrozenChaos

Brotherhood by Monbrey