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Default Re: Gym Leader Applications

mintjelly: Accepted!

Metal Gear Snivy: This is the ONLY case where I'll allow this. Even though the Pokemon is neither of the types it technically is a bug Pokemon and evolves from one.

Either way, you are accepted.

Pokemon Breeder Dustin: Can't say this is a serious application, so I'll have to say no on this.

dj-tiny: Have to say, I do like your rules and how they change almost daily. Pretty innovative! Accepted!

Zetsu: Tough choice on deciding who to give Umbra to, but I ultimately decided on MintJelly. I did love your background story though. So if you were to apply for another gym and put that same effort into in as you did. You might just get accepted! Also, be sure to use the full 8 Pokemon when applying. Helps give your more options for teams when being challenged.

This did not take 5 minutes.
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