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Originally Posted by Zetsu View Post
Zetsu looks down at the Pichu, then at his pokeballs, still remembering the battles he had earlier, with the Beedrills and the Dusknoir. He decided to take a chance and battle the Pichu.

"Come on out, Spinarak! Use Scary Face!"

Spinarak jumped into one of the nearby trees, and spun down on it's thread and the markings on it;s back started glowing, scaring the Pichu from attacking. Seeing this chance, Zetsu then decided he better wrap the battle up quickly. Navi Town was just around the corner, and his pokemon were hurt, he didn't want to strain them too much...

"Quick, now use Night Slash!"

Zetsu watched, as Spinarak started blending in the night shroud, and went in and slashed Pichu's side. Pichu quickly got up however, and countered with a Thundershock.

"OK, Spinarak, one more shot then you're safe, Use Night Shade!"

Spinarak proceeded to cover Pichu in a ghostly mist, which started knocking the Pichu around. This was his chance....

"Pokeball, Go!"

Zetsu threw the pokeball at Pichu, watching intently as the ball started rocking....
Official's Post:

The ball rocked weakly.


Zetsu captured the Pichu!
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