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Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post
Official's Post:

You start treading along, to find a Pokemon.

Wild Nincada appeared!
Trainer: Ilov Studdy
Currently: Coming back after long hiatus (Battling Nincada)

Huh? Suddenly a huge Nincada jump down from its nest. Apparently, I have been resting under its home. It looks angry. Probably because I trespassed its territory. The Nincada pointed its sharp claws at me, warning me to get back.
"Woah! Calm down! We're going to go away peacefully!" I lead my Pokemon away from the Nincada and its tree.
"Alright guys, let's go to Route 4!"
"Tree!" Treecko happily runs in front of me and jump on the trees.

*Leaving Route 3 for Route 4*
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