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Originally Posted by Zetsu View Post
Shortly after regaining all his energy back, he slowly gets to his feet, then stumbles on over to the female, who appears to be unconscious from the mass energy consumption. Unable to leave someone behind in theit time of need, Zetsu slowly wraps an arm around her, being careful not to touch her hands...

"Let's hope for no more interruptions, eh? I don't feel like feeling like a puddle of jelly on the ground.."

With the woman, her arm around his neck, and her feet being dragged along the ground, Zetsu continues to walk along the dirt trail, seeing the main trail, finally after this long, exhausting night....

Step by step, the two inched closer and close to the sign, the one indicating the path to Navi Town, where the screams were first heard, but by this time, Zetsu was barely keeping to his feet himself.

Zetsu struggled to atleast make it to that signpost, before finally collapsing himself, exhaustion finally kicking in, laying there, not knowing what may happen to him.....
Official's Post

Everything is black. Slowly the young woman's face comes into focus. "Th-thank-you," she says softly. "You saved me again." She is careful not to touch you. "I'm afraid I can't leave this forest," she says. "Navi Town is just up ahead, but I belong here... you see, this is where I died." She looks up at the trees. "My family built the shrine for me, so that I could remain in the world of the living. I loved the forest as a child. As a spirit I wandered amongst the trees, helping to guide people who were lost, so that my own fate would not befall them. People visited me and brought gifts. Their presence gave me energy. I was strong enough to resist Dusknoir."

She looks down sadly.

"Then everything changed. People began to forget I had existed. No one believed anymore, they stopped visiting. I grew weaker and weaker. Eventually my spirit was weak enough for Dusknoir to sense. It came from the spirit world and captured me. I've been calling out for years, hoping someone would find me. The Pokemon were the only ones who could hear my cries, but they were powerless against Dusknoir. I needed the strength of a human to escape." She looks at you and smiles. "I think I have enough energy now to remain in this world for a little while longer. I do so love it here. Dusknoir is right, eventually my energy will fail again and I will have to return to the spirit world," she sighs.

"None of this is of your concern. Thank you again, Zetsu. I hope to repay you by giving you a task. I know it may seem like a poor reward for your help, but I would really appreciate it if you would take this." The young woman hands you a Pokeball. "This was my starter Pokemon. Somehow it survived our journey to the spirit world, but I will not force it to return with me. I must go now. Thanks again," she says as she begins to fade.


Hours later you awaken. You are lying by a sign that reads Navi Town. The sky above is dark. You feel extremely tired. It takes you a while to remember why you're lying on the ground. You sit up suddenly, and your head begins to spin. The young woman is nowhere to be seen.

Just as you begin to wonder if it was all a crazy dream, you feel something small and round digging into your leg. You reach down and pick up the Pokeball and press the button on the front. The Pokeball shatters. The blue light it emits blinds you momentarily. A small, yellow rodent stands before you. It looks up at you cautiously.

Wild Pichu appeared! Write a paragraph about the battle if you want to catch it!
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