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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

"Ow ow ow!" Abigail screamed as Scarlet's eyes began to tear up, alarming everyone in the house as they all rushed to the toddlers.

"What happened?" Damon asked.

"Our hands are cut." Scarlet responded, the toddlers each holding out the same injured hand to the group.

"It just appeared there by itself." Abigail added, the two toddlers holding back their tears as the stinging sensation traveled through their hand.

"You don't think..." Caroline began, looking at everyone in a panic.

"What is it?" Kol asked as he looked at the curly haired Vampire.

"Twenty years ago Katherine put up a linking spell which linked her to Ashley, so whatever injuries Katherine got, Ashley would get them too." Caroline explained, kneeling down in front of Abigail and Scarlet as she examined each cut. "They're exactly identical, which means..."

"Katherine is now targeting the children." Diana finished, pure rage traveling through both Damon and Stefan.

"I just sent Ashley and Ichiru a message to get home quickly." Kotomi stated.

"Don't heal the wounds yet." Isobel added.

"So that Ashley and Ichiru can see for proof." Lexi finished Isobel's thoughts.

Ashley watched as Ichiru cursed and punched the tree near him, a loud crack piercing the surroundings from his fist's impact. Ashley's anger quickly shifted to concern as Ichiru pulled out his bloodied hand away from the tree.

“At this rate, it would just be easier to kill every Witch and Warlock she’s had contact with…” Ichiru said as he sighed, Ashley feeling Ichiru calming down as his face went back to normal. Ashley knew that Ichiru didn’t mean it, though she truly wish that they could stop this Witch.

"Like I said before; we'll survive this." Ashley said, taking Ichiru's bloodied hand and healing it.

Ashley, Ichiru, come home right now. Something has happened. Kotomi's voice suddenly entered Ashley's head, a panicked expression quickly washing over her.

"We need to get home." Ashley said, using her speed to leave the lake. She reached the house only seconds later and walked inside, seeing that everyone was surrounding Abigail and Scarlet.

"We have a problem." Stefan said.

"What's wrong?" Ashley asked as she hurried to her children, seeing the cuts on each hand. "N-no..."

"It happened to you too, right?" Caroline asked as Ashley nodded. She reached over and healed her children's hands, the situation they were in weighing down on Ashley.

"I want to kill her." Ashley growled, her rage showing as she quickly paced back and forth. "It's one thing to target me, but the children?" Ashley wanted to just start throwing things around the house but never got a chance to, a burn suddenly beginning to show up on her right knee as she winced in pain. When the toddlers began screaming in pain Ashley quickly turned to them, seeing that her children had fallen to the floor and held their right knees. "No no no..." Ashley quickly hurried to her children and sat on the floor with them, a cut then appearing on the children's left cheek as one appeared on Ashley's as well.

"What are we going to do?" Diana asked in a panic as the rest of the group was trying to quickly ponder for answers, Ashley beginning to heal her children's wounds and didn't even bother about her own.

"We need Klaus here!" Ashley said as her children began to cry, not being able to hold back the tears any longer.

"He probably won't come though." Damon said, wanting to tear out Katherine's heart.

"He will." Diana reassured the group. "He might not easily show it, but he actually cares about Abigail and Scarlet."

"I'm getting him." Stefan said, quickly leaving the house as Ashley wrapped her arms around her children, knowing Katherine was only doing this to get under everyone's skin as another cut suddenly appeared on the other side of Ashley's, Abigail's and Scarlet's faces.
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