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Default Re: Route 5

Trainer: Corey Ty

Currently: Cherubi?

"Why is my meal talking. D:<" I shouted.

"I'M A POKEMON. A CHERUBI." She squealed.


"D:" She looked at me.

"Quilava, get in there and use Flame Charge!"

Volcano jumped in and charged at the Cherubi. The Cherubi then used Magical Leaf to weaken the flames.

"Clever aren't you!" I shouted.

She blushed. "Duh. When you look like a food you've to learn these things."

I laughed. "Weaken this! Quilava, Flamethrower!"

She smiled and used Sunny Day.

"What?!" I cried. She began charging.

Oh damn.

"SOLARBEAM BLARGAJSHKJHGJG" She fired a SolarBeam. It totally blew through the Flamethrower. While she was still recharging, I knew I had to call my move.

"Volcano! Use Flamethrower max power!" The Cherubi was too tired to avoid. It hit her spot on. She collapsed. "Pokeball, go!" I cried.
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