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Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post

Trainer: Corey Ty

Currently: Traveling

"Well, this could come in handy." I muttered to myself. I pick up the Dawn Stone and make my way.
Official's Post:

As you pick up the cyan blue stone, a small Pokemon scuttles out of the bushes. Its lack-of-brows are furrowed, and it seems to be shouting at you in babble which your Murkrow happily translates for you.

"Handy?! Handy?! Some of us aren't that privileged, you know!"

The pink Pokemon bobbles up to you, kicking your shins. "How's this for hands? Take that, you stupid ugly human!"

You look down at the grass-type. Feeling hungry, you bend down to pluck it from the floor.

"Hey, wait! Don't manhandle me!"

You place the odd creature to your lips, stomach growling. Opening your mouth wide, the Cherubi can see a tongue the same shade as it. Eyes wide and leaf quivering, the Pokemon begins to realise your intention. It wriggles free, yelling "don't eat me, please, I don't taste good!"

What an odd fellow.

A wild Cherubi appeared!
~Hand complex
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