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Official's Post:

You are wary of your Pokemon's health. Perhaps it is best to stay out of battles for a while - or any mischief at all, for that matter.

You walked along the untameable forest floor, trying to be careful not to stumble on the stones or get thwacked by the long thorn branches. In your heightened state of awareness, you notice something black and round by the base of a bush. You go over to inspect. To your surprise, you find it is something of value.

dj-tiny obtained a Luxury Ball!
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Curently Route 6
Tiny wakes up from a few days sleep holding a Luxury ball and see's Wolfe and Spookey beside him.
Tiny then get's up and pats Wolfe and say to his pokemon i must have picked up a Luxury ball with Chloroform and that means the is a rapist on route 6 or a Doctor
We should warn some people if we meet them well let's move
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