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Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post
Official's Post:

While walking away from that Beedrill, something else is buzzing in! Another Beedrill!

Wild Beedrill appeared! Write a paragraph about the battle to fend it off!
~Very very very angry
~Cannot be captured
Zetsu sensed another Beedrill coming towards him. Sighing in annoyance, Zetsu sent out Skorupi.

The Beedrill stopped, as it approached Zetsu, and reared up to attack.

"Time to quickly send this Beedrill on it's way, too..." he thought to himself, thinking of what move to begin with...

"Skorupi, begin with Bug Bite." He said, half exhaustedly, watching as Skorupi clamps onto Beedrill and nibbling at Beedrill's arms.

The Beedrill flinched a bit, then pumped itself up, using Focus Energy. The Beedrill was angry at the fact that something, or someone was making a large amount of noise, and also at the fact it's friend was defeated. this next move was gonna hurt.

Skorupi looked back at Zetsu, who knew Skorupi was gunna be ok, as he too, was a poison type.

"Skorupi, use Acupressure!"

Skorupi flexed his stinger, and then imediately relaxed it, as his stinger hit a random pressure point. His DEFENSE drasically rising.

At this point, Skorupi was also getting irritated. it was late night by now, and Zetsu and his pokemon were getting tired.

Beedrill then, seeing a chance, flew into the air, and started thrusting it's stingers over and over at skorupi in a furious "Rage"

Because of the Acupressure, skorupi was getting his directly, but the damage was severely lessened due to the stat increase.

Zetsu looked intently at beedrill, then saw an opening.

"Skorupi, Use Pursuit, Now!"

Skorupi slid behind Beedrill and slammed Beedrill, watching as Beedrill fell to the ground in exhaustion, and skorupi falling back infront of Zetsu, also feeling the exhaustion.

Zetsu then walked over to the beedrill, still slightly irritated...

"I don't wanna battle you anymore, I just came here to find the source of that horrid scream.." He said to the Beedrill, recalling Skorupi to his pokeball, before falling on his backside in exhaustion and dreariness....
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